Project Pink Butterfly Inc.

"Spreading butterflies through the development of self esteem in young women."

At Project Pink Butterfly Inc. We provide self-esteem and character development workshops that cater to girls and young women. Our usage of art activities and literature has opened the minds and hearts of an abundance of young girls. Compassion and recognition are the building blocks of our program. We keen ourselves in making sure every child recognizes themselves as a pink butterfly on a mission to achieving success.


Original Butterflies

"You do not just wake up and become the butterfly--- growth is a process" - Rupi Kaur


Daniella Maya

Founder & CEO

"I'm always asked why I chose to create Project Pink Butterfly and what we stand for. I tell everyone the story of going through my own metamorphosis as a young Latina woman. The curves of my story and of my heritage have inspired me to embark on a mission of women empowerment. Growing up I saw a shortage of conversation that began with self esteem, and it took me going through my own struggles and roadblocks to understand that there needed to be change. I learned through original butterflies before me that I had to use the curves of my story to become a butterfly. I will spend everyday of my journey to create a monarch of future female entrepreneurs, doctors, performers, attorneys, and so much more because to be a butterfly isn't to only grow but to help others grow. So, when people ask "Why Project Pink Butterfly"? the answer is never simple because, empowering young ladies is a journey, not a short story. As a High school senior being able to host these workshops and meet extraordinary young women it's beyond a dream, it's a gift. I ask any women empowerment enthusiast to join our mission and share their own original butterfly story."

"You must be the change you wish to see to in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi 

Butterfly Activities

The most important part of our organization is our group activities. We seek to find collaboration, kindness, and empowerment through the group. Most of our activities although personal to the individual we try to create a connection with our lessons and activities to our butterflies. Our success with young women is best shown through the growth of their confidence and unity. A confident young lady or young woman is a stride towards empowering our local south Florida community.


Art Activties

Spreading butterflies through expression

With the usage of art activities our goal is to promote self recognition in a positive manner. Our butterflies participating  in individual projects such as our butterfly expression activity is an example of positive recognition. This activity focused on our little butterflies decorating their own personal pink butterfly decorating all that they love and care for. The symbol of the butterfly is our personal message to these young ladies that they can achieve anything if they work hard and fall in love with their passion. The constant repetition of positive and cognitive thinking allows for the children to recognize their talents and passions. When presenting these projects there is an undeniable glow that radiates from them while talking about their passion. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.

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Get Involved

Become apart of our Pink Butterfly team 

Partner with Us

Lets create a monarch of Pink Butterflies

One of the best ways to help Project Pink Butterfly Inc. spread through our local community of South Florida is to partner alongside us. An easy way to do this is to contact us through our website or through our email. When we have businesses or other organizations contact us to contribute to our mission we love to give a full demonstration and sit down to explain our lesson plans that would best suit the individual business or organization. Get in touch and you can Partner with Us today and learn all about our Pink Butterfly mission

Volunteer Your Time

Show Your Wings

Have your wings fluttered into curiosity on how to help Pink Butterfly? Well if they have the best way to cure your curiosity is to  Volunteer Your Time and take advantage of our incredible program. It’s a great way to dedicate time and effort into our future female leaders and share a piece of our own story. We ask potential volunteers to get in touch with us today for more details about how you can help.


Project Pink Butterfly Inc.

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